Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Bernie Sanders and the "Autobahn Defense"

 For the last twenty years the state of Florida has proven decisive in Presidential politics. If you want the job you must win Florida. Bernie Sanders wants a revolution in America and he needs to win a state where revolution is a dog whistle for Communism.
Some have expressed alarm at his defense of the Castro Regime. Sanders has repeatedly stated his opposition to authoritarianism  but it rings hollow.
Sanders' praise of Castro's literacy program is a variation on what I call the "Autobahn Defense". It goes like this: "Gee, that Hitler sure was terrible, but hey, at least he built the Autobahn".
Cuban literacy is an exhaustive education rooted in the works of Marx, Engels and Lenin, an unforgiving ideology which denies individual liberty and the rights of man. The Castro definition of literacy is rigid conformity to the state. Literacy has no value if you cannot speak or express yourself freely, if you cannot criticize the source of your education.
Bernie Sanders is engaging in moral relativism. Literacy empowers the individual and Cuba requires its submission and in so requiring it is by no means admirable or worthy of praise. Failure to recognize this disqualifies one from serving as leader of the free world.

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