Friday, September 04, 2015

Kim Davis and the "Rule of Law"

So, Kim Davis, an employee of the State of Kentucky refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Just like employees of Hobby Lobby cannot compel it to provide services it finds objectionable so too a government employee cannot alter the terms of their employment and refuse to perform their duties as required by law.

 If the terms of employment as expanded by the SCOTUS regarding same sex marriage so profoundly offends her values then she ought to do the honourable thing and resign. Like Hobby Lobby employees, her employment is not a right. Kim Davis objections may be sound in reaction to a decision that invented a right out of thin air. That is to say that marriage is not a RIGHT for ANYONE. However, a decision has been made and she was correctly held in contempt of court. It is not as Mike Huckabee demagogically declared a "war on Christianity".

 My objection is directed towards those who cite the "rule of Law" and its needing to be enforced. For those who recite this I must ask whether you would support the DEA shutting down dispensers of pot in California and Colorado? It's still illegal under federal law which has supremacy over state law. Will you now demand they arrest the proprietors? If not, why not?

 How about sanctuary cities and the rule of law?

So, as Kim Davis rots in jail go right ahead and light up a joint with an illegal immigrant and celebrate the "rule of law". After all we only care about the law when it's in line with our politics.

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