Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Future Children Project Video: "Vote For Obama Or We're All Going To Die"

I love this. Hysterically pathetic. Just remember. It takes a "Village of the Damned" to raise a child.


A Child of the Future said...

I am one of the children in the video. We were not tricked or bribed into filming, nor did we have the task forced upon us by adults. I participated willingly when I got an invitation and was fully aware of what I was doing. It was a wonderful experience with witty lyrics and a powerful message to the world. So please don't assume we were used or manipulated, and please stop with all the "child abuse" comments. I was more than happy to make a mark in the political world, because now I know I can make a difference in it, even without the ability to vote.

Kevin said...

You totally sound like a child too. Your comments are rather odd given that none of it is relevant to the video being posted to this blog. "Child Abuse"? Where was that in this post? I mean you are obviously quite verbose as a "Child of the Future", but do you understand context? Or do you just make wild and undfounded assumptions drawn from your not yet fully developed child like mind? Next time, do your homework.

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