Thursday, June 02, 2011

Yearbook List of Worst People:Hitler,Bin Laden,Manson..Bush,Cheney???

From Russellville Middle School in Arkansas.The title tells the basic story. A high school yearbook that lists the five worst people:
1.)Adolph Hitler: Ok, that makes sense.No need to explain.
2.)Osama Bin Laden:The modern super villain.Evil guy,but personally I think Stalin would be second to Hitler.
3.)Charles Manson: Ok,really nasty guy.To this day he's Roman Polanski's pedophilia defense. Mao anyone? Genghiz Khan? Hey, this is a high school.

NUMBERS 4 and 5? Drumroll please...........
George W Bush and Dick Cheney!!!!!!!Not Stalin,or Mao,or Saddam.Not Genghiz,or the Caesars. Just Bush and Cheney.

Why you may ask is such a list in a high school yearbook? Beats me. I always thought yearbooks were things you signed with a suggestive limerick that equals the average maturity of its recipients.

So,obviously a handfall of students or publisher or both lacking any all knowledge of history decided to include it. This incident all by itself reflects the lack of a genuine education. They ought to send the editors and publishers to a real history class,rather than a highly politicized miseducation.Politics with a heavy hand in education. See for yourself

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Ken said...

The Taxpayers pay for this, if I may say, crap. They have little impact on teachers and administrators protected by government employee unions. As a parent and grandparent it is discomforting to watch and see what type of world is being created. Not a great fan of President Bush or Vice President Cheney, they were doing a job they were elected to do in tough situation. Far from the worst people in the world. Where is the personal responsibility, or are we just a country of less than insightful
nasty opinions?

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