Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Note on WeinerGate

Ok, so there was this BIG story about Liberal Democrat and New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner sending an image of his crotch to a 21 year old co ed in California. As I have no desire to engage in a conversation about another man's willingness to expose himself in the newest social media (Twitter) I cannot help but make some observations.

First, who the hell does something this foolish? Brett Favre,Congressman Weiner and many more I'm sure. It's moments like this when I thank GOD I went through twelve years of Catholic School. You can bet nobody who ever did is sending images of their genitals. The nuns have a radar for that kind of behavior.It's moments like this that make me thankful I hate having my picture taken.

This episode of  WEINERGATE is one more reason why the world of Star Trek will never materialize. Honestly, that com link? You know Captain Kirk was sending lewd com links. The Holo Deck? Endless Roman orgies. The transporter? Come on! Two in mid coitus being reconstructed into an exotic locale. Every present and future has its weirdos and perverts. Anthony Weiner now, Star Fleet later.

Why do you get married if you are of a mind to send explicit imagery to someone you don't know? Is the wife going to believe the denials? It either ends like Kobe's wife getting a big ass diamond or a golf club to the back of your head like Tiger. Either way you pay. What a dunce.

But, so what, he'll get a pass. Couldn't happen to meaner guy.

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