Friday, April 15, 2011

Keith Olbermann: Who Cares Anyway?

As I am not a viewer of Joy Behar or a follower of Keith Olbermann, I missed the bizarre turn of events regarding his tweets. S.E. Cupp was a guest on Behar's show defending the defunding of Planned Parenthood and opposition to taxpayer funded abortions. Mr. Olbermann being ever the gentleman suggested the world would be a better place if her parents had sought out the services of Planned Parenthood. Given the original topic of abortion, it's not difficult to conclude he'd prefer that S.E. Cupp had been aborted. Amazing. When he was called on it, he said he meant they could have sought PP's counseling services. Ok, so they could have counseled her parents not to have children? Wow, either way, no S.E. Cupp.

Putting aside the fact that suggesting such a fate for anyone is obscene, let me focus on the case for SE Cupp's having been brought into this world. Like many people I first became aware of and came to admire her on Fox News's "Red Eye". I never miss it. EVER. While I was disappointed that this true blue conservative (raised in Massachusetts no less) is an atheist, my dismay is tempered by the fact that she is not one to ridicule people of faith like Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins. All the more respect for her because her respect for the faithful shows a just prudence in assessing herself.

Wishing a human being consigned to oblivion at the moment of conception is bad in every instance, but marginally more tragic when considering the abundant qualities brought to life in the form of Ms. Cupp. She possesses a keen eye,quick wit,clever insights and expresses it all with clarity and a near comic flirtatiousness. Fine characteristics that accent classic beauty. As an avid hunter she can make a city boy like myself whose never wielded a gun feel a bit inadequate. She is it seems to modern punditry what Carole Lombard was to the Golden Age of Hollywood. Such a presence has the ability to make a 44 year old single man ponder an alternate fate had such a woman been met twenty years ago.

Now, back to Olbermann.........

Why do we conservatives get so bent out of shape by this guy? He may be an icon of the far left, but so is Che' Guevara and Saul Alinksy. His tweets even if meant to be funny which it isn't is nonetheless a reflection of intellectual cowardice as it reflects his inability to process intelligent,informed dissent. That he would dismiss any one's life as a proper case for abortion is bad enough, but more importantly it reveals a hatred and intolerance of dissent.

As an icon of the far left he says he embraces the faith of tolerance, but like many in the left who worship at that altar, it is a dogma advanced as a means to perpetuate their specific and in their mind justified brand of hate and intolerance. He is a walking, talking contradiction and for all his faux intellectualism, he is nothing more than a vile,hate filled, intolerant old coot. He is destined it seems to spend his elder years pitching fist sized walnuts at those "damn kids who won't stay off his lawn".

Guys like Olbermann always undo themselves and wishing a 30+ year old woman should have been aborted is more evidence of his irrelevancy. God willing (irony noted) we will be blessed by an ever blossoming conservative icon like S.E. Cupp. She is relevant and compelling. Olbermann? Who Cares Anyway?

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