Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I thought I'd take a moment to highlight present concerns as regards our President.

On the positive side:

*President Obama has been consistently aggressive with Al Qaeda and

terrorism in general,using drones to target high profile enemies.

*President Obama has butted heads with teaches unions over the reform of public schools, including being supportive of a Rhode Island school superintendant that fired an entire school's staff.

*President Obama has not stubbornly followed through on committments that are at odds with logistical common sense. The failure to close Guantanamo Bay in one year demonstrates a capacity to be flexible to conditions.

*President Obama has opened the door to offshore drilling, which if followed would result in lower gas prices and less reliance on foreign energy.


*President Obama passed a "stimulus plan" of approximately eight hundred billion dollars and the only evidence of progress is an ever expanding, bloated federal government.

*President Obama justified the "stimulus" because he said it was the only way to keep unemployment below 8%. It topped out at 10.4% and has held at 9.7% for several months.

*President Obama justified bailing out General Motors as the only viable alternative to GM filing for bankruptcy protection. Shortly, after the bailout was approved, GM promptly filed for bankruptcy, and the Obama Administration provided that the unsecured creditors (UAW) were given precedence ahead of secure creditors. The opposite as specified by Federal Bankruptcy Law.

*President Obama compelled Chrysler's sale to Italian auto manufacturer FIAT.

*President Obama has tripled President Bush's outrageous deficit spending, raising our annual budget deficit to a conservative 1.3 trillion dollars.

*President Obama's current spending trajectory will add another ten trillion dollars in debt, rounding out our total debt by the end of the decade to a conservative twenty four trillion dollars.

*President Obama's spending policies by the end of the decade results in our debt equalling ninety percent of our GDP.

*President Obama's health care reform requires individual purchase of said insurance or be subjected to a fine. The IRS, as stated in the legislation is the enforcement agent and has said it will hire upwards of sixteen thousand new IRS agents in order to adequately enforce the individual mandate.

*President Obama's health care reform cuts five hundred billion dollars in Medicare and effectively ends Medicare Advantage.

On Foreign policy:

*President Obama unilaterally scrapped missile defense in Poland and the Czech Republic and received no concessions from Vladimir Putin's Russia in return. Many were expecting a quid pro quo from Putin on nukes in Iran, but as it turns out no such understanding was reached.

*President Obama has offended our greatest ally, Great Britain over a new disputes with Argentina over the Falkland Islands by taking a neutral position, thereby tacitly rebuking our ally.

*President Obama has made no efforts to help dissident opposition to the Ayatollahs in Iran, and in turn isolated the opposition by insisting there was no fundamental difference between the two Iranian factions.

*President Obama has consistently failed to find common accord with China and Russia over the issue of Iranian nukes.

*President Obama suported President Zelaya upon his ouster as Honduran President when it was revealed that Zelaya was plotting to undo Honduras's constitution.

*President Obama has insulted,berated and isolated our great ally in Israel, but has literally bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia.

*President Obama has just agreed to a nuclear arms reduction treaty with Putin's Russia, even going so far as to provide an "out" option for Russia.

*President Obama has committed to reducing our nuclear stockpile and seeking no new nuclear technologies. Since the atomic genie is out of the bottle, will any existing or potential adversaries make a similar commitment?

*President Obama, presumably in an effort to curry favor for tough sanctions on Iran, has delayed release of a Treasury Deptartment review that holds China to be intentionally devaluing its currency, with the intent of undermining our economy.

These are just a handful of observations. President Obama is a nice enough guy, but as Leo Durocher said, "nice guys finish last".

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