Saturday, October 31, 2009


I was 6-7, John was 7-6. I Am 52-50 & John is 50-48 for the season

This weeks picks are:

1.) Houston (-4) at Buffalo
The Texans are on a roll and much better than the Delhollme led Panthers
I'll take the TEXANS

2.) Chicago at home (-14) vs Cleveland
The Bears were thumped the last two times out. The Browns have modest success running the ball, but not IN Chicago.
I'll take the BEARS

3.) Dallas at home (-10) vs Seattle
10 points is a lot, even at home. The Seahawks are coming off a bye week, The Cowboys took it to the Falcons. The Cowboys, however are inconsistent.
I'll take the SEAHAWKS to cover.

4.) Detroit at home (-4) vs St Louis
This is the best chance for the Rams to win. The Lions are coming off a bye week, but 4 points is a lot against a Rams team that still has Steven Jackson
I'll take the RAMS to cover

5.) Indianapolis at home (-14) vs San Francisco
Alex Smith gets the start at QB for San Francisco. He gave them a late spark against the Texans, but the Colts are much better. The 49ers don't have ENOUGH defense to stop the Colts, even at 14.
I'll take the COLTS

6.) New York Jets at home (-4) vs Miami
This is a rivalry and 4 is too many
I'll take the DOLPHINS to cover

7.) Philadelphia at home (-2) vs New York Giants
Without Westbrook at 100% it is difficult projecting an Eagles victory. Can the Eagles block Justin Tuck like they did not Richard Seymour? Can Donovan get set to get deep on a suspect Giants secondary? These games turn on weird plays.
I'll take the EAGLES

8.) Baltimore at home (-3) vs. Denver
Both teams are coming off a bye week. This seems like a bad match for Denver, but all six teams they've beaten were bad matches. Can Baltimore give Flacco the protection to get the ball deep?
I'll take the BRONCOS

9.) Tennessee at home (-3) vs Jacksonville
Both teams are off a bye week too.Vinve Young gets a start. The Titans are too good to be winless & I've got a gut feeling
I'll take the TITANS

10.) San Diego at home (-17) vs Oakland
17 points in a divisional rivalry? Why not?
I'll take the CHARGERS

11.) Arizona at home (-11) vs Carolina
I'll take the CARDINALS

12.) Green Bay at home (-3) vs Minnesota
The Packers still cant block Jared Allen
I'll take the VIKINGS

13.) New Orleans at home (-11) vs Atlanta
I'm tired of waiting on someone to show up the Saints
I'll take the SAINTS

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