Saturday, August 29, 2009


Denver Broncos

I like Josh McDaniels. It was reasonable he should pursue Matt Cassell. Who would've guessed that Jay Cutler would throw a tantrum.

Kyle Orton? He's capable of winning in a Chicago like team with an aggressive defense. Defense is absent in Denver, so Orton will have to make plays. Orton manages games well, but doesn't win them.

If the Broncos can keep their backfield healthy, they might keep their wretched defense off the field. Brandon Marshall doesn't help

All the controversy in DEnver is irrellevant. They weren't going to win with cutler & no defense and the same is true without him.

The Broncos needed a complete overhaul, instead of a perpetual state of denial.

That being said, they might not win more than three or four games.

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