Friday, December 05, 2008


1.) Does anyone service the products they sell anymore? Television was much more fun with 6 channels, rabbit ears, etc.........
2) Do you ever feel like time is just passing you by? Like everything you ever held firm just seems diminished?
3.)Why do atheists insist on trying to ruin Christmas? Try to ruin everyone's good time? They are the ultimate killjoys. Their anthem would be "Joyless To the World". Honestly, what nut celebrates the Winter Solstice? THat sounds like fun. While we're at it why not decorate Stonehenge with bright lights and commit a blood sacrifice? Why not celebrate our vainglory instead of a season celebrating life,love,charity? Whew, honestly, think what you will of religion, but have you ever met a happy atheist? I'd tell them they need to get laid, but they only seem to care about their fulfillment anyway, so why bother?
4.) Why do those with good credit suffer while those with bad credit are relieved?
5.) What's so great about hi def anyway? It's just television.
6.) Have you ever noticed that those who express a need for public transportation never ride the bus? Trust me, I know.
7.)Now that gas prices are taking a nose dive, whatever happened to the windfall profits tax? Now that its lower than it was when it started to spike, do we give the oil companies a refund?
8.)Be honest. Does anyone really WANT to drive a hybrid or would you rather be driving a Classic Corvette or Mustang? Honestly, can you picture Burt Reynolds driving a Hybrid in "Smoky & the Bandit"?
9.) WE're headed for the coldest winter in 8 years, the world has not been getting hotter, gas prices are plummeting & you're not picking up some tail in that hybrid. Why bother? Of course, if you're like me you might want to learn to drive first.
10.) Does anyone really believe that plastic bags will destroy the planet? I think that will be the plot of a new screenplay. An alien race, instead of invading us will simply dump an abundance of plastic bags on the planet, killing us all. It's a lot more cost effective for the aliens, anyway.
11.) What's so bad about global warming? I moved to Florida for the warm weather. If I wanted to live in a grey,dreary,drizzly, rarely sunny world, I would've never left Philadelphia. In a world of global warming, I have no more head colds.
12.)Let me see if I get this right: WE can put a man on the moon in less than a decade but we can't drill for oil in the same time?
13.) If Europe is so great, why don't I want to visit?
14.)Have you finished decorating for Christmas only to discover its New Years?
15.)Who watches celebrity gossip shows? Would we want to be surrounded by papparrazzi all the time? Liking a entertainer is nice, but really do we need someone to go through their trash?
16.) Why do people dress up like fictional characters from TV or the movies? I enjoyed Star Trek too, but you may notice, I'm writing in English, not the original Klingon. Really, Spock ears?? Just watch the show and enjoy it for what it is. Otherwise, you're just a freak. Except for "24".

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