Thursday, September 25, 2008

NFL FOLLOW UP 09/25/08

Here are observations after Week 3


The Cowboys, Eagles & Giants are the three best teams in football. The Cowboys gutted it out over the Packers, the Eagles defense overwhelmed Pittsburg, & the Giants found a way to beat a desperate Bengals team. The Redskins, also looked good against perrenial "surprise" team, Arizona.


The Falcons are fundamentally sound and beat teams they can & should beat like Detroit & Kansas City. THey won't win many, but it's a good sign. Tampa can't win by throwing 67 times a week. Jury out on them. Carolina blew a ten point lead against the Vikings on the road. The Saints are hurt, but still should've beaten a Denver team with a swiss cheese defense.


The Vikings played desperate & it paid off. Green Bay came up short. Chicagohas no offense & the Lions are awful. R.I.P. Matt Millen


Arizona came back down to earth. The 49ers beat up a bad team. Seattle got back in the game & the Rams are also very very bad. Trent Green won't help.


Buffalo is the class of this division & knows how to win close games. Roscoe Parrish is out & that is a real blow. The Patriots were EXPOSED. The Jets did not have enough against an explosive Chargers offense & the Dolphins played LIGHTS OUT, this week.


Pittsburg got buried under the Eagles blizzard. THey suddenly look vulnerable. Willie Parker is out & Roethlisberger is ailing. The Ravens have an impressive young QB & a more impressive defense, that looks revived. The Bengals are an abomination that gave it all in a demoralizing defeat against the Giants. The Browns are better than their record, but losing in the trenches has them 0-3


Tennessee looks very solid & will be tough to overcome. The Jags eeked out a win against the Colts. The Texans are underwhelming. The Colts look out of sync, but will step up. Be sure of that.


The Broncos are th class of this division, but boy their defense sucks. They could collapse. The Chargers finally got on the ball, but their defense ain't all that. The Raiders have a lot of talent, but the coach keeps looking over his shoulder. The Chiefs are the worst team in football

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